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world premiere november 21st 2021

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news on jupiters legacy

guide to the superheroes (& one non-super guy with a cool stick) from jupiter’s legacy


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reviews for christmas carousel

i also want to say thank you kathryn davis, who played margaret, the supposed-to-be fiancee to prince whitaker.  she could have played it as a jealous, shrewish competitor to lila, but she didn’t.  i applaud that decision, whether it was hers or the director’s.  the result is that i really liked margaret a lot, which was refreshing.

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hallmark – synonymous with happy and cheerful movies – is set to air some exciting christmas movies, and one of those thrilling movies is ‘a christmas carousel’

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kathryn davis also stars in this 2020 romance

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interview with kathryn davis

how can i possibly step in to the shoes of another person and situation if i do not know how to live myself?"

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reviews for alzheimers that ends heimer


"the two young actors in the roles of lovers sue and george (kathryn davis and ben irvine) have wonderful singing voices"

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"as the young couple, kathryn davis and ben irvine have charm and song that kathryn davis sings beautifully questions what is worse, to be the one left behind, or the person who leaves. that’s a moving, appropriate song for this show."

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reviews for the summerfolk


“the quality of the ryerson theatre school performers, notably katie davis as sonya, who brings a childlike innocence and strong stage presence to the character”.

reviews for aladdin


"both kate davis and josh furgeson have lovely voices in their roles of jasmine and aladdin"

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